Care for the frame and seal of a wooden window

How to process a frame and seal to extend the life

The frame is cleaned of dust and dirt, dried. Due to excess moisture on the surface, mold and fungus occur, the frame is drying out.

The varnish coating on the surface is updated. This is done at least once every 2-3 years. The market has a large selection of funds with antiseptic properties.

Take care of seals regularly.  After all, they make the Euro -theokna hermetic and do not pass moisture, dust and noise inside.

The seals are made of strong rubber, which provides resistance to various weather conditions.

It is impossible to use chemistry in any form to care for seals. Preference is given to talco and special solutions based on silicone. Talc has a powerful antiseptic effect, retains the structure of the seals. Due to the harmful effects of the environment, the seal is destroyed.