Advantages of paints from the manufacturer Pliolite, Timbershield

Why is it worth buying paints from the manufacturer Pliolite, Timbershield

You can use it all year round, because Pliolite dries very quickly, and it becomes waterproof 20 minutes after application.

 In addition, it protects the walls from mold. For yachts or wooden cottages, it is good to use the colorless Joncryl or TFP 7 colorless coating. In addition, they will solve the problem of combating fungi and the destructive effect of ultraviolet rays. These coatings can be the perfect basis for paints such as Timbershield, Timbergrain or Timber Defense. There is also a paint for radiator ename radiators, which dries only a few hours and does not lose color under the influence of heat. Aluminium Paint will protect aluminum surfaces from destruction and give them shine. Matt Black is good for all metal and glass products. Paints and varnishes are sold in banks of 2.5 liters and 5 liters.